Terms of Use and Privacy Policy

The Terms of Use and Privacy Policy regulate the access and use, by the User, of the Web Page www.Seedandclick.com/crowdfunding (hereinafter “the Site”), domain and registered trademark for SEED&CLICK SL, as well as the purchase of products and services through it.

By accepting these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy, the User acknowledges:

To have read and understood what it is exposed.
To be able to contract.
To assume all duties detailed in the document.
The use of the web site gives the condition of User (hereinafter, “User”), and involves the assumption of the terms included in these Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

When entering in the Website, the User must carefully read these Terms of use and Privacy Policy, as they could be modified.
The owner of the Web Page reserves the right of modify or update, at any time and without prior notice, the contents and Services of these Terms of use and Privacy Policy, and in general, of those elements which make up the design and configuration of the Web Page.

1.- General Information of the Website

In accordance with the article 10 of the Alpha

Law 34/2002, of 11 July, of services of the information society and electronic commerce (hereinafter, “LSSICE”), an overview of the website is provided below:

Registered Office: c/ Ganduxer,5, 08021-Barcelona
N.I.F.: B66141946
E-mail: info@Seedandclick.com
Phone number: 933622379
2.- Terms of Use

2.1. Access to the Website

The access to the Website is free except forVolíeu dir: a continuació s’ofereix la informació general de la Pàgina Web

Escriviu text o una adreça d’un lloc web o bé traduïu un document.


traduït automàticament per Google

Alphaexee the cost of connecting through the telecommunications network, which is provided by the access supplier contracted by the User.

2.2. Need to register

In general terms, the User Register will not be necessary for accessing to the contents of the website.

However, the use of some services is determined to the previous User Registration.

According to these Terms of Use, the “Creator User” is the person who registers a project on the Website. The “Supporter User” is the person interested in funding the projects published by the Creators Users on the Website.

According to these Terms of Use, both the Creators Users and the Supporters Users will be addressed as “The User” in all that could be commonly applied to them.

Data entered by the User, whether it is a Creator or a Supporter User, should always be precise, up-to date and truthful. Otherwise, it will be considered as a violation of these Terms of Use, which can result in an immediate conclusion of the User account. Under no circumstances, could the User register another person without his/her consent.

The Registered User will always be responsible for the custody of his/her password, as well as the transfer, disclosure or the loss of it; assuming any damages that could be caused by an improper use. For these purposes, the access to limited areas and/or the use of services and contents made under the password of a registered User will be considered to be made by that registered User, who will be responsible for it.

2.3. Terms of Use of the Website

The services offered by seedandclick.com are exclusively addressed to people over 18 years old. The user claims and warrant of being of legal age to formalize a binding contract, and that all the registering information presented is precise and truthful. The owner of the Website reserves the right to close the account of those Users whose legal age is doubtful.

The User undertakes to use the Website, its content and its services according to the law, the morals, the public order and these Terms of Use. In addition, he/she must properly use the services and contents of the Website, and should not use them to realize illegal acts, which can attempt against the rights of others and/or could violate the intellectual and industrial property legislation, or any other laws of the current legal system.

The User should not transfer, introduce, spread or place at other’s disposal, any material or information (data, contents, messages, drafts, sound and image archives, photos, programs, etc.) which could result against the law, the morals, the public order and these Terms of Use. By way of example, and in any case limitative or excluding, the User promise to:

I.- Not introduce and spread contents or advertising of racist, xenophobic, pornographic or of a statement justifying terrorism nature, or against human rights.

II.- Not introduce or spread data programs (virus and damaging programs) through the network, which could damage the computer system of the access supplier, his own suppliers or third parties of Internet.

III.- Not spread, transfer or place at other’s disposal any type of information, element or content against human Rights and public liberties recognized in the Constitution and in International Treaties.

IV.- Not spread, transfer or place at other’s disposal any type of information, element or content which could result in unlawful or misleading advertisement.

V.- Not transfer non-requested or non-consented advertisement, advertising material, junk mail, chain letters, pyramid schemes, or any other mean of request, except for those areas (such as commercial areas) specially thought up for this.

VI.- Not introduce or spread any information and false, ambiguous or imprecise contents, that could be misleading for the receivers of the information.

VII.- Not spread, transfer or place at other’s disposal any type of information, element or content which could violate intellectual and industrial property rights, patents, trademarks or copyright of the owners of the Website or of third parties.

VIII.- Not spread, transfer or place at other’s disposal any type of information, element or content which could violate the communications secrecy and the personal data legislation. The User undertakes to maintain the owner of the Website unharmed of any possible complaints, fines, punishments or penalties resulting from the breach of any of the terms of used mentioned. Moreover, the owner of the website reserves the right to ask for the corresponding damages.

The owner of the Website reserves the right to cancel the users account if they don’t use it properly or they don’t respect the comments and bans established in these Terms of Use.

2.4. Liability release

The owner of the Website doesn’t assume any responsibility for its update to maintain updated information, and he/she doesn’t guarantee precise and complete published information. For this reason, before making any decision related to any of the services and contents of this Website, the User must confirm that the published information is exact and complete.

The User Access to the Website doesn’t mean for its owner an obligation to control the absence of virus, worms or any other harmful computer element. In any case, it is the duty of the User to guarantee the availability of suitable tools for the detection and disinfection of damaging computer programs.

The Owner of the Website is not responsible for the damages on the software and on computer systems of Users or third parties during the use of the services of the website.

The Owner of the Website is not responsible for any kind of damages produced to the User due to errors or disconnections in the network telecommunications that can produce the suspension, cancelation or interruption of the website service during its provision and before it.

Seedandclick.com is just a mediator among the Users of this website. The owner of the website is not responsible for the acts of those Users who upload their projects in Seedandclick.com without prior advice and for any reason.

The Owner of the website reserves the right to cancel the promoted projects through seedandclick.com without prior advice and for any reason.

2.5. Contents and services connected with the Website

The access service to the website may include technical link devices, directories and even search mechanisms which allow Users to access in other websites (hereinafter “Linked Sites”). In these cases, the owner of the Web Site will only be responsible for the contents and services offered in the Linked Sites, as far as his/her effective knowledge of the illegality and he/she has not defused the link with the right diligence.

In case that the User thinks that a Linked Site with illegal or inadequate contents may exist, he/she can communicate it to the owner of the website, without having to delete the link.

Under no circumstances, the existence of Linked Sites must presuppose the formalization of agreements with their owners, the recommendation, promotion or identification of the owner of the Website with declarations, contents or services provided.

The Owner of the Website does not know the contents and services of the Linked Sites, and therefore, he/she is not responsible for neither those damages caused by the illegality, quality, downgrade, unavailability, error and uselessness of the contents and/or services of Linked Sites, nor any other damage which could not be directly attributable to the owner of the website.

2.6. Intellectual and Industrial Property

The whole contents of the website, meaning, as a matter of fact, texts, photos, graphics, images, icons, technology, programs, links and any other audiovisual or audible content, as well as its graphic design and source code, are intellectual property of the Owner of the website or third parties; which means that the licensing rights recognized by the current intellectual property law are not transferable to the User.

Trademarks, trade names or distinguishing signs and symbols belong to the Owner of the Website or to third parties, and the access to the website does not attribute any right among them.

The User admits that those projects published in seedandclick.com will only be original work, created by him, and that they won’t be copies or reproductions which could violate the intellectual property rights of third parties. The Owner of the website can cancel those Users’ accounts which break any of the intellectual property rights of third parties. Seedandclick.com will delete those materials which break the Intellectual and Industrial Property Law, if it could know that.

The Owner of the Website will not have any property law on the contents of the projects published by the Users in seedandclick.com. Anyway, the User grants to the Owner of the website a free and non-exclusive license, for the whole worldwide territory and for the maximum legal protection period, by which he/she could: publicly communicate, reproduce, distribute and transform the project’s content to fulfill the service.

Privacy Policy
Seedandclick.com is a site for the fund collection and trade. So, it allows to its Users publish their ideas and projects and to get resources to fulfill them, by means of the contributions of the other participant Users.

Project’s promotion procedure
In order to get a project’s funding through the website, it will be necessary:

At registering, the User who creates a Project will give a PayPal account, among other data information. If the project’s funding successes, the collected amount will be paid to the project’s creator by bank transference, after deducting the respective commission in favor of Seedandclick.com, as it is described following.
If the funding reaches the proposed goals (100% or more of the funding goal during campaign period), Seedandclick.com will charge a 7% of the total collected amount by the User Creator as a commission, just in the case that the necessity of funding is covered. The commissions for payment processing will also be deducted by PayPal.
As for the Supporter User, if the Project funding is not successful (the requested funding amount is not completed) any charges will be made to him/her, because until the project’s collection end date doesn’t finish successfully, the charges will not be effective. Until that moment, the Supporter User just has to authenticate his/her account.

The owner of the website reserves the right to substitute or add means of payment, and its procedures will be described in each case.

Price and validity term of the offer
Every fee charged by Seedandclick.com will be made through the PayPal account.

The prices of services will be published on the fees list of the website, and after that, they will automatically be published by the privacy policy process in its last stage. In general, the User assumes that the economic valuation of the services can change at real time. But this will always be communicated to the User in time.

In all cases, the prices charged will be expressed in Euros.

The User will be the only responsible for the tax payment and the taxes related to the use of the web site, as well as the commissions percentages of the respective bank entity.

The fee charged by the Owner of the website to the User Creator of a Project will need an invoice on behalf of the registered User’s name. It will automatically be resend to the email address given by the User,

For further information of the service, the User can address to the customer service phone number of the Owner of the website: SOLVERE CAPITAL, SL, or the email address info@Seedandclick.com.

3.3. Right to withdrawal

The User Creator of a Project who decides to abandon it for whatever reason can cancel the funding collect and rescind contract legalized with Seedandclick.com, and without needing to justify the decision. Supporters Users will not receive any fee and their authentications will automatically be cancelled.

If the User Creator decides to leave the project and has already received the amount collected, he/she must return it to their Supporters.

3.4. The participation in projects

The process of economically participate in a project published to Seedandclick.com is the following:

The User will select the Project that he wants to fund and will establish the amount.
The User will pay his/her contribution through a PayPal account, to which he/she can access by the website.
The contribution amount will not be charged until the end of the funding period, and only if 100% of the funding goal is covered.
If the project can’t get its funding in the established period, any fee will be charged in relation with the contributions of Supporters Users.
All the projects contributions will be collected through PayPal account of Seed&Click; and at any time, the Supporter User who participates in a Project can cancel it. In that case, when the decision is communicated to the Owner of the website, before the end of the funding period, the contribution will immediately be cancelled.
Nullity and ineffectiveness of the clauses
If any of the clauses included in this Terms of Use and Privacy Policy is totally or partially declared null or ineffective, that circumstance will only affect to the specific disposition or to the null or ineffective part of it, which will be excluded; whereas the Terms of Use will be applicable to the rest of dispositions.

Applicable Law and competent jurisdiction
This Terms of Use and Privacy Policy are created and will be interpreted under the Spanish law, when the contrary is not expressed. The Owner and the User of the website can summit any dispute related to the services and products provided in this Terms of Use to the Courts of the Owner’s residence, unless the opposite would be legally expressed.


In accordance with the article 5 of the Law 15/1999, 13 of December, of personal data protection, the information facilitated by Users through the forms available in the website will be included in a personal data archive, owned by SEED&CLICK SL, effectively declared on AEPD.

As responsible of that archive, SEED&CLICK SL guarantees the exercise of the access, correction, cancelation and opposition rights concerning the information facilitated, and also assumes the respect of confidentiality as well as their only use for purposes related to the operability of the website; and to periodically inform Users of any website news which can be of their interest.

The person interested in exercising these rights must address in writing to SEED&CLICK SL, or to info@seedandclick.com.

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