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Whitestone, best music startup of PrimaveraPro Startups 2016 

Whitestone is a platform to redefine the way we experience music online. They are musicians, artists, developers and fans. They develop a new kind of media player which is social, visual and interactive.

Rotor Videos won the Social Media Award for the most valued by users of social networks. Rotor is a cloud-based tool for creating music videos. It enables anybody to create music videos in minutes. There’s no need to download anything, all the user needs to do is sign up and follow three simple steps – choose their song, choose how they want their video to look with one of our templates and choose their video clips.

We would like to thanks also: Pablo Skaf (Deezer), Nevena Vujosevic (Berklee College of Music), Shachar Gilad (Soundbetter) and  the other finalists: Bandsquare, Humm and Xceed.

Special thanks to partners, jury members, collaborators and attendees.

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