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Seed&Click presents SWAN, Women Angels Network

From Seed & Click, we invite you next February 24th to Swan's Official Presentation at the Omm Hotel in Barcelona.

SWAN, will organize on February 24, in collaboration with Mazars, an investment initiation course as Business Angel. The objectives of the new SWAN network are to revitalize the women investor market, to train and integrate women in the investment world in the initial stages, and to promote women-led investment with the aim of promoting their role in investment and entrepreneurship.

The objectives of the course are:

  • Acquire in a very pragmatic and easy way the knowledge of the investor process as Business Angel
  • Discover the skills to be developed to identify good investment opportunities
  • Know the key points of success of a Business Angel
  • Creating a networking between potential Business Angels that starts and experienced
  • Encourage an investment culture

Program, speakers and course fee: Workshop SWAN Fundamentals BA

To reserve your place for the course "Fundamentals: Be a Business Angel" contact us at

The course attendees will have access to the SWAN Official Presentation at 6:00 pm at the Hotel Omm Club. This innovative initiative was launched by Seed & Click and during the event the main challenges of the network will be presented, followed by a roundtable "Women Invest" composed of renowned women Business Angels and successful entrepreneurs. To end the attendees will enjoy a cocktail, networking accompanied by live music with Ahyvin Bruno.

Ahyvin has been thrilled with his magnificent voice since he was 5 years old. In 2014, the complicated situation in Venezuela forced him to leave his country, starting a new life in Barcelona, ​​where he has worked hard to be able to support and bring his family to a better life. After this story of female empowerment we find a strong, charismatic and optimistic girl who has never forgotten her passion: music.

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We will wait for you!

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