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PrimaveraPro Startups 2016

III International Investment Forum of the Music Industry

#PrimaveraProStartups #PrimaveraPro

We are launching the 3rd edition of PrimaveraPro Startups, a joint initiative with PrimaveraPro and Seed & Click. The main objective is to support and enhance entrepreneurship, incubating new projects in the music industry and build a new ecosystem in Barcelona focused on the international arena.

The call will be open until 6th May 2016, and thereafter a jury of experts will select five finalists who will have the opportunity to present their project at the investment forum PrimaveraPro Startups which will take place on 3rd of June 2016 in the Meyer Auditorium at the MACBA in Barcelona within the PrimaveraPro program.

All business projects related to the music industry worldwide will be able to register, as long as they are legally constituted and operate in Beta version and product / service / app / portal and sales.

The language of the event will be in English.

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