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Kartelo, best business project of Arts Lab Temporada Alta 2015 

Kartelo, an innovative calendar of cultural events, has been nominated as the best business project in the second edition of Arts Lab Temporada Alta


This project is a digital, cultural calendar that helps young people to search for events and with whom to go to.

This morning, the salon of the Main Theater of Girona was hosting the second edition of Arts Lab Temporada Alta, the International Forum of the Performing Arts Industry, where the project of the Startup Kartelo was chosen to be the best business project. Six finalists, selected from 19 startups, which have participated, have pitched their project in front of a jury formed of experts from the industries of theatre, entrepreneurship and finance. For the second year in succession, Temporada Alta has assigned Seed&Click with the organization of this event, first of its kind in Europe, with the objective of finding new talents and innovators for the performing arts industry and complementary industries.

Kartelo is a mobile app, which helps you find cultural events and find somebody, with whom to go there. Albert Argilés and Sergi Bafaluy are the founders of this app and intend to launch the first version in one month. The jury that elected Kartelo to be the winner, consisted of Carla Marqués, Chief Marketing Officer at Filmmaster, Salvador Sunyer, Director of Temporada Alta, José Antonio Frías y Molina, Deputy of the Economic Promotion at the Deputation of Girona, Jorge Martinez, CEO of Vibook and winner of Arts Lab Temporada Alta 2014, and Marcel Prunera, CEO of Guinot Prunera, partner of Crea Inversión, investor and mentor. Around forty people from the academic world, investors, several guests of the performing arts industry as well as Public officials have attended the event and have been impressed by the speech of Carla Marqués, who talked about Filmmaster, leading company in the creation and production of great events, such as the Olympic and Paralympic Ceremonies amongst others.  Carla Marqués also explained her experience as Director of Marketing & Business Development at 45 Degrees (Startup of Cirque du Soleil) implementing the 11 attributes that make a Startup successful. Another speaker of the event was Jorge Martínez, who won the first edition of Arts Lab Temporada Alta with his Project Vibook, a tool that helps selecting actors and artists, which won due to its high viability and capacity of innovation and transformation; The third speaker of the day was Ana Velázquez, Director at  CPAE, the Center for Prevention of Injuries in Performing Arts.

Salvador Sunyer, Director of Temporada Alta, has handed over the price worth 10.000 euros, which includes: a cheque of 2.500 euros submitted by the Deputation of Girona, 4 hours of legal consulting by the company Roca Junyent, the participation in the program of an Executive Master in the cultural and creative Industries at ESADE, the realization of a spot with special effects through ERAM and a professional hosting custom made for 1 year trough OkiTup, a company specialized in platforms of personalized web hosting.

Kartelo was the project that stood out through its innovation, applicability and viability in the cultural world among the five other final projects: Festrip, a project that offers important information to simplify the process of planning a trip to a cultural festival; the Institute of the Arts Barcelona, an international institution uniquely positioned in Europe that offers higher education in performing arts and rapidly expands to achieve an educational level of a university; Filmijob, a video platform for Interviews to simplify the connection between candidates and companies; Els Joglars, who plan to make a documentary about the process of creating a company; and Pictus, a project that creates localized photo albums for events.

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